Feline Hyperthyroidism Remedies – 5 Herbs That Can Be Helpful

by Alex

feline hyperthyroidism remedies

There are many ways for you to help your cat with hyperthyroidism. You can keep her on medications all her life, you can find a very good surgeon who will remove the glands or damaged tissue or you can also try the radioactive iodine treatment which is very efficient and quick.

Nevertheless, many people neglect the fact that all those ways may have the disadvantages, and in some cases, the feline hyperthyroidism remedies are the best solution. The combination of herbs used in this case is limitless, and all you have to do is find out what can really help your cat.

Discover the remedy that will support a healthy feline thyroid.

1. Astragalus – it is a traditional Chinese medicine that can be used in many cases. There are some many benefits related to this. It can lower the blood pressure, which is very important since the heard disease can slow down the hyperthyroidism treatment. Besides, it has a great effect on immunity, which is very important in regulating the thyroid system.

2. Chamomilla – when it comes to hyperthyroidism, the anxiety, hyperactivity and the aggressiveness are very common symptoms. The cat doesn’t suffer only from physical pain, the mental consequences can be even more important. The chamomilla is known for its calming effect and that’s what your cat really needs in that case.

3. Dwarf and stinging nettle – they are very helpful in regulating the thyroid function and it can provide the vitamins A, B and C to the body. They can easily be mixed with the daily food of your cat or her water.

4. Bladderwrack – it can control the over active thyroid function. The major thing that hyperthyroidism sick cats need is iodine, and this plant is full of it. There are many forms of Bladderwrack to find, such as tablets, or it can also be mixed with other useful plants.

5. Lycopus – it has different advantages, such as calming effect and regulation of thyroid function. One of the first symptoms is usually the hair loss, so this plan can help in this case, as well. You can use it in feline hyperthyroidism remedies or simply mix it with your cat’s food.

It seems like the feline hyperthyroidism remedies are underestimated and people believe that more chemistry means more efficiency. It is true that in some cases, the remedies are not enough, but they can be a great supplement for everyday meals and activities. Even if you choose some of professional treatments, you can improve your cat’s quality with theses remedies.

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